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Canada turned 156 years old this year!  

Over 30 million people call Canada home. A place where ice hockey is loved, poutine is a favourite dish, where the 2nd tallest building stands (CN Tower), where maple syrup originates, where we overuse the word “sorry” and “eh,” where we celebrate our multicultural population, where we bundle up in winter jackets for majority of the year and the list goes on! 

Let’s take a look at what experiences Canada has to offer. With it being summer now there’s so much to do locally. Some popular attractions are the CN Tower, Niagara Falls, Whistler, and Banff. But what else does Canada have to offer? Here are some hidden gems: 

Wasaga Beach – Ontario.

Canada is known for its cold winters so when you hear beach and Canada in the same sentence it may seem unrelated. But Canada has a variety of beaches in several provinces that are a great experience during our summer months. 

Wasaga Beach is in Georgian Bay, Ontario. Wasaga beach is the world's Longest Freshwater Beach! After you’re done soaking in the sun you can head to the nearby theatre and museum. 

Toronto Festivals - Ontario 

All summer long, the city of Toronto is vibrant with many activities going on and people roaming the streets, especially in the downtown area. Toronto hosts many festivals and events that you don’t want to miss out on. These include Taco Fest, Afrofest, Salsa on St.Clair, Taste of Lawrence, Fun Philippines, OssFest, Family Fest, and many more! 

Check out BlogTO to check out upcoming events. If you subscribe to their email list they’ll send you events happening every weekend - https://www.blogto.com/radar/2023/07/street-festivals-toronto-2023/

Bowen Island - Vancouver 

Bowen Island is a great destination for nature lovers. To get to the island you take a ferry. It is only 20 minutes from Vancouver. If you’re looking for some fun in a laidback area this is a great spot. Have a picnic, go hiking, visit local shops, trek up Mount Gardner, and take a dip at one of the beautiful beaches. The views on the island are breathtaking 

Quebec Foodie Festivals 

Just like Toronto, summer in Quebec is festival season! Who doesn’t love good food?! Throughout the summer Quebec hosts a variety of food themed festivals that represent the culture or just fun random theme. These include Festival de la poutine, Festival de la gourgane celebrating broad beans, Festival de la galette de sarrasin celebrating buckwheat, and Festival du bleuet celebrating blueberries. 

Have a great summer! Even if you’re staying local, you can make this summer one to remember.

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Happy exploring! 


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