His and Her candle set Giveaway

Posted by Chantel Escoffery on

One His and Hers candle  Set Giveaway

Tell Us Giveaway- share what is your favourite smell that trigger the fondest memory?

random selection based on those that answer below.

Close @11:59pm March 5 2023. Approx. Value $36

Congratulation Mignonne 

Candle set giveaway


  • Curry – mom’s home cooking, love walking into her home and knowing I have a delicious meal waiting.

    Marisha on

  • Jasmine – reminds me of my grandmother and how she used to have jasmine growing in her yard and she used to collect the flowers and make garlands of jasmine flowers.

    Marisha on

  • Vanilla Sugar – reminds me of freshly baked shortbread cookies my grandma used to make for me when I was a kid.

    Mignonne Dalmaridis on

  • The word “Fourteen”
    Very nice page; lots of good stuff.

    Tim on

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