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June is fulled with celebrations, and is great to shower your loved ones with love. This month we celebrate the students and educators who have finished their terms, especially the graduates who are reflecting on their education journey and moving onto new beginnings. Also, Father’s Day is June 18th. It’s a time to honour our dad’s, and thank them for shaping, protecting, and caring for their children.  June mark’s Pride Month, a celebration of the history and achievements of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Graduation  - Hats off to Class of 2023! 

You should be proud of this achievement, and everything you’ve accomplished. This is a monumental milestone. Take the time to reflect on the memories and friendships you’ve formed. Give yourself a pat on the back for overcoming challenges and staying disciplined throughout your studies. 

Do you know a graduate? Do you want to celebrate them? Send a token of admiration to celebrate this amazing achievement. A gift is a great way to acknowledge the hardwork and dedication this individual has had towards their schooling.  Show how proud you are of them. 

Take it Personal has a selection of items you can customize for your graduate. Add a personal touch and make this day special for them. 

Graduation Bear & Mug Combo

A mini gift box filled with a teddy bear and mug (pop can and tumbler options available) is a perfect gift for a graduate. A teddy bear symbolizes companionship and support. What a great way to express that you’ll be there as a support for whatever they embark next on. Did I mention you can customize it with their name and graduation year?!

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Graduation Frame Custom

A thoughtful and practical gift would be a frame to put their graduation photo in. They received the photos, but we don’t want them to sit in a box and get dusty. Giving them a frame will allow them to showcase their portrait in their home reminding them of this milestone every time they see it. 

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Garden Flag Custom Inked

Let your neighbourhood know you have a graduate in your house. Add their name and photo to a lawn flag. They’ll be celebrity of the town for the day! 

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Keychains Wooden Inked

You can’t go wrong with a keychain! Gift the graduate or the parents of the graduate a keychain. It is in the shape of a graduation cap and you can add the smiling face of your graduate for some customization. 

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 Yes, we are so proud of our graduates, but we can’t forget about the educators who are shaping the minds of the next generation. They teach and inspire, setting a foundation for students' success. Their hard work is impactful and immeasurable. Do you know an educator? Make sure you share your appreciation for them during grad season. Why not give them a Personalized Pencil Plaque , or a Custom Vase. Browse Take it Personal’s store to see if you can find the perfect gift!

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a special day to celebrate all the incredible dads and father like figures out there who show up for their children every single day. From teaching their kids how to ride a bike, from chasing boyfriends away, to cheering you on during your sports games. 

Take it Personal has some great options for customized gifts for Father’s Day.

Fun Father’s Day T-shirts

Your dad may have a lot of shirts but, a  customized t-shirt from his child will definitely be his favourite out of his collection. 

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Custom Golf Bag Tag Tee Holders

Is your Dad a golfer? The weather’s getting nicer, and he’ll probably be going back to the course. Gift him with something he can use, and a good luck charm when he’s out golfing. I guarantee he’ll play better if he has a custom bag tag tee holder from his favourite child. 

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Beer Custom Mug Inked

A beer mug is the perfect gift for your dad. Have him enjoy a glass of beer in a mug that reminds him of you. 

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Check out some more options for Fathers Day- https://cemarketingsolution.ca/search?q=fathers+day

I also know this day may not be so happy for everyone, so I want to take a moment and send love and well wishes to all the individuals who may have strong emotions toward this day. 

Pride Month 

Every June, Pride takes place. It’s a celebration of the history and achievements of the LGBTQ+ community. It also is a time to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, and promote inclusion.  

The Origins of Pride is from the Stonewall Riots in June 1969 which sparked a movement. At this time there was a lot of discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community. Then one night there were a series of violent riots in New York City. This was caused because police would raid bars and restaurants where the LGBTQ+ community would tend to gather, and they raided the Stonewall Inn (a bar). A year later activists marched the streets during the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots and now Pride Parades are marched in different cities every June. 

As you can see there’s many celebrations happening this month. A perfect time to show a loved one you care. Whether it’s for graduation, Fathers Day, or Pride Take it Personal can customize a gift for you.

By Jola Harrison


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