Bamboo Baby Onesie set Giveaway

Posted by Chantel Escoffery on

Bamboo Baby Onesie set Giveaway 4 onesies, 1 Baby  swaddled, and 1 baby cloth

Tell Us Giveaway- share what is your favourite flowers and where ?

random selection based on those that answer below.

Close @11:59pm March 5 2023. Approx. Value $65

Congratulations Mignonne


Bamboo Lily giveaway


  • Hydrangea ! Mine change colour depending on the soil. Pink to blue! Sometimes they are as huge as a basketball.

    Mignonne Dalmaridis on

  • Jasmine, the smell is absolutely beautiful when in bloom and they remind me of my grandmother. She used to make jasmine garlands. I have a plant and it’s the only plant I have not killed….lol.

    Marisha on

  • Peonies they bloom for 2 weeks in May in my front yard . So beautiful stranger will knock on my door asking what they are 😀

    Christine on

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