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Remembrance Pillow

KT Creatively Free

Regular price $48.00

Remember your loved one with this quality sewn custom pillow. Made from an article(s) of clothing, supplied by you. 
This pillow will help you remember the good times and is great for a hug on those needed days. 

Maximum Pillow size is 16" x 21”, pillow size may be smaller depending on size of clothing provided. Pillow insert is included in the price.

Upon ordering, we will contact you for a consult and to arrange for drop off or pick up of clothing. Once clothing is received, it will be evaluated to ensure it can work based on the type of fabric.
Note: Woven fabrics produce the best results, knit and sheer fabrics are harder to work with and may need a backing.
Upon consultation some things to consider: text, colours, shape of pillow